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mosaics, glass tiles





    1. Someone said I need 10 boxes of tile?
      What tile can I use outdoors?
      Do I need to apply a sealer to my Ceramic or Porcelain Tile?
      Can I tile directly on a plywood surface?
      Which products do you use?
      What should I use for cleaning tile?
      Should a sealer be used on ceramic tile?
      What is used to remove grout haze from tile?
      When will my ceramic tile installation be ready to receive grout?
      What is the difference between sanded and un-sanded tile grout?
      How can you tell if the grout joints need to be resealed?
      Why did my floor pop?
      Is hardwood flooring difficult to maintain?

  • Manufacturers

    Mohawk Flooring                        Johnson Flooring
    Mastercraft Flooring                    Bruce, Hartco, Robbins
    Suncrest                                       Robina Flooring
    Bisazza                                         Mirage Glass Tiles